Monday, September 21, 2009

I would like to buy a handburger~

Sunday, September 20, 2009



fish0509: j >> u like to clean thing right?! then go become a scavenger n shut up from now
>wah...wan said like tat mer....

fish0509: L >> enherm...although u r helping us...butThose who not dare to leave their name in this BOX, please SHUT UP. Write your name before saying words. We note who are you at least.
>i nid to shut up?ahteh here..please noted that

Ah Mie: L: U're saying ppl idiot for not leaving their name, wat about u? and u're the one who seems ANGRIER thn anyone... no offense
>even put name also dun know is real or not de lar...i also can use Ah Mie de lar...

Kim Jie: L 是死亡笔记的那个吗?不够像叻~

Kim Jie: Hi Jia Le ~ not only a - z , some kind of new things also can come out liao~ geng chao ~
>mayb will got 0-9

ahteh: maybe later A--Z also come out le...

ahteh: j: > 你的一句话可以掀起一场武林的腥风血雨...

ahteh: 丞相肚里能撑船~

ahteh: 小心~ :D

kimsyien: L... may i know who r u.... no offence... if u not willing to tell.. its ok...
>i know who is L le...kekeke~

L: Students, no need clap hand. I know my words very good. Thank you thank you~

L: Haven't self introduce yet, dont simply TALK so many. You are not representative. You all are SPLIT. Am I right??
>yes..SPLIT le...right...

L: I wanna know what you all had helped them. What is "INTERNAL" aspect? Did your batch ask you to represent all of them to forgive them? What's wrong with them? HUH?? Which batch you from?
>i m from 2002/2003..AJK ppl ask me to represent..wat's wrong ar..crazy le...

L: You all indeed leave lessons for them. They learn from you all. Bad lessons. Inherit from one year to the next year. This is what I see. Bad things all learn from all of you. So don't blame them.
>oo..ok..then,blame me...

L: You think that simply chat in box can give them effect? IDIOT?
>dont a bit lor...yes,i m.

L: Maybe your can put a fake name. Using other people name. We don't care who you are. If you are a SENIOR. I think your acting really IDIOT.
>really?ok..I M IDIOT.

L: Tell your name 1st please.

L: We don't know who you are. So you words, we won't listen. Just that simple. You not dare to put your name. Who care your speech? Dogs or CATS?
>u wan to listen or not its ur long as i write it...u dun care my speech also nvm...i also dun care u care my speech or not.

L: Those who not dare to leave their name in this BOX, please SHUT UP. Write your name before saying words. We note who are you at least.
>ok..ahteh here

...: de mah right...
>dont know...mayb some of u all like it very much lei...for me...i got a bit like de oo...bcoz got problem then only will have shou huo mah...

...: dun remember their least they helped u all b4..although they did wrong...u all also dun hope next batch jz remember ur fault but not good de mah...u also dun hope next batch keep on blaming
>dont remember their fault,then how to take it as pengajaran?

...: their best...they also not purposely leave trouble many aspects inside...something can look too "biao mian"...there r many internal aspect...jz b open-minded...remember their good
>they not purposelt leave trouble..but..still is them the one leave the trouble...but..really need to be open minded

...: dun go blame them...they wil did wrong coz dun hv experience... so u tis batch jz take it as pengajaran...its good 4 u all also...just forgive them..i know is not easy,but try 2 least did
>how to learnt from last generation pengajaran?

...: everybody also serve 4 the samw pasukan only...who right who wrong,dun count so much la...most important do ur BEST!!every human also wil did something wrong de...last batch did something wrong
>o...good..i like this

JIA: L...thx。。all those boring ppl..i ady said,,if u all dont noe wat v are facing, pls shut blog not a place for u all to argue..thank you
> u noe others dont noe wat u all facing?and again..that's y i argue here...keke~

L: P/S to J, Please don't leave comment in this chat-box anymore. My advice.
>okok..again...that's y i comment at blog

L: Lastly, stop arguing here. Thank you for yours co-operation. It is not wise to comment or advice in here. Thank you, J.
>okok...that's y i comment at blog

L: Like the last generation leave some messes for all of you to clean up. Would you happy to become a cleaner?
>i would like to clean up also.

L: j> They will think that the last generation is irrespondsible, useless. That's the conclusion.
>hey hey hey....tat's mean i m useless lor? (i admit)kekeke~

L: j> I believe that leaving mess to next generation, is a bad thing. Very very bad... People have to clean up yours mess.If you are the nest generation, how would you think? Sincere tell you Junior.
>nest generation?like bird nest?

j:: qqq>i agree with u.there is no perfect for every generation.sumthing they nvr try,they nvr know.leave trouble for next generation doesnt 100% is a bad things.
>u like know something...

汉: qqq>i agree with JIA and ifsh0509, u don noe what are we facing now, so leave this blog and STFU!!!
>how u know others don noe what u all facing now?

fish0509: qqq >> what you all do,ur next generation will do it like you all...ur next generation is us!!! so v same like u
>how to same??

fish0509: qqq >> 错了就请接受批评

JIA: and if u not a part of us, u duno wat problem tat us shut up..
>how u know they duno wat problem tat u all facing?

qqq: they will choose you,because you are the best for them ! ok ! jia you !
>sometime yes..really is best for them...but sometime they dont have choices,then only choose u..

qqq: and do not be proud to ur last generation,no matter you won them...and be the new generation,you all should do best than them and they hope so..
>y do not proud to ur last generation?who can do better than should respect them ma..not mer?

qqq: and just wan you to know,what you all do,ur next generation will do it like you all..ok
>are u sure?100% will?even good and bad?

qqq: din have any meaning,just wan you all know,nothing is 100% perfect,just do ur best,don keep grudge ur last generation,something they also do wan like that...
> problem....

qqq: ya..they got wrong,but you think they din have the same problem with you?!you think their last generation din like that?!then you wrong..they know!because they also try it before just like you all now
>mayb got..mayb dont have...

qqq: if one day ur form did something wrong,ur next generation will just like you all,keep complain or grudge ur form,do you like it?!
>for my own,no problem,just do it.and i will admit it.because i cant stop any1 or every1 mouth.the freedom of speech

qqq: every generation sure got some problem,is no 100% perfect..its cant control 1..maybe they got wrong,but what you can to do?!keep give some bad comment for them?l
>mayb fix for them?

JIA: huey..yaya^^szeyien...sure..n sure will ask u go de^^
>why so sure?

kimsyien: yes.... pls dun leave any trouble to ur next generation...anyway.... i wish u all the best and make a better camp ~rmb ask me go a... if not i will cry... lol
>u better start crying now




因为blog主(JIA)说: L...thx。。all those boring ppl..i ady said,,if u all dont noe wat v are facing, pls shut blog not a place for u all to argue..thank you”,所以我转来这里,我很欢迎大家在这里讨论的~哈哈~

所以你是senior也好,junior也好~大人也好,小人也好~uncle and untie也可以~都可以 留言~给给意见~姓郑的,姓温的,姓张的,姓林的~姓什么的都好,


究竟“Kim Jie" 真的是Kim Jie吗?





有win-win solution,senior永远不要帮junior了~junior也永远不要去kacao senior~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ladies and gentleman,

the answer for last post was..

the left 1 was the Thivenesh,from Malaysia (he is my friend lar..)
and the right 1 is Sheikh Hamdan..his whole family is handsome,pretty and cute~keke~
Sheikh Hamdan is Dubai Prince....

do google search a bit..
or leave your email address here,i will forward you an email..

thanks for visit...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look A like ?

They look a likes?
Guess who are they...guess the person in the right,he has a great reputation~do google search...haha~

and the left 1,he has a great reputation too,but within a tiny area...

good luck ya...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Second Hit ! Again !

Dear Valued Customers,

As House Of Socks promised,here the second hit of Branded Socks Warehouse Sales.
Please bring your friends along.
Bring below leaflet to get a discount (10%)* on total purchase amount.
*only available for item Rm5 and above,limited stock

(click image to enlarge)

Latest Update:
1) Search "House Of Socks" at to get our location.But the address in the Google Maps was wrong,the location was exactly the entrance of our shop.

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For more information :
012 - 637 8613

"we are OEM manufacturers specialised in sports socks"


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